Thursday, April 30, 2009

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

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Lately I've been reading two books at once. Well, not actually "reading". In order to find more opportunity to get reading in and make my commute more bearable (it's not that bad, really) I'm listening to audiobooks.

In the past, I'd only listened to audiobooks on long trips because I couldn't stand the interruptions on short trips, but I've found that if you're listening to a "light" novel and otherwise engaged in another activity (driving, cleaning, etc.) an audiobook is perfect. Firefly Lane is one of those books that makes a perfect audiobook in small doses.

Onto the story...

Kate and Tully meet in the 70s when they are 14 and Tully moves across the street. During that year they become almost immediately inseperable. The story follows their friendship through adolesence, college, and adulthood.

The story has a LOT of references to each time period, which brings the story together in an interesting way. It sets the scene with all the visual details (big shoulderpads in the 80s, changing hairstyles, popular music of the times) that bring back so many memories for us 70s kids. (Okay, a little before my time, but I can still relate)

In the end, Tully and Kate choose different life paths: Kate a wife and mother, Tully a famous, driven career woman. Will an act of betrayal end their decades of friendship?

Another side story is the relationships between Kate and her mother and the difficulty of raising a teenager, then being the mother who understands how difficult she was to raise.

If you're looking for a somewhat light book that will probably make you cry at the end, this is it.

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  1. Into the Forest - by Jean Hegland - first book I ever listed to on tape - set the bar incredibly high. Check it out - amazing story, excellent narration.