Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog sale! Sizes 8P-10P

The Mr. and I are thinking about moving, which involves a thorough look through all our stuff we've been holding on to for (eek) much longer than we probably should. It's easy to cast away things that are not yours, but much harder to take that advice. Case in point - here's the conversation we had about my beloved, ill-fitting work clothes:

Mr. Carrie Writes: You know, you can buy new clothes when you get back to that size.
Me: But I like those clothes and want to wear them again.
Mr. CW: (deadpan) Do you honestly think you're going to fit in those in the near future?
Me: (realizing he's right but not admitting it) YES!!! (scoffs)

So, in order to be more prudent with our available space, I realized I must either get rid of my clothes or get back to them in a superhuman pace. Alas, as I'm a stress eater losing weight is probably not going to happen. Oh, and did I mention how much I hate dieting? Yeah, there's that too. Below are the pictures I have detailing all my beloved clothes. All clothing is $8/3 for $18/4 for $20. Shipping is $5.95+$1 per additional item. Send me an email at ourcommoncents at gmail dot com and I will hold any items you are interested in purchasing.

Gap straight leg size 10 Ankle. Grey/pink pinstripe. Wool/poly/spandex with a poly lining and front/back pockets.

Larry Levine sport - Size 8. Charcol grey poly/spandex. Front flat pockets.

Apostrope black pinstripe bootcut size 8P. Poly/rayon/spandex. The jacket to match is below.  

Black pinstripe lined jacket to match the pants above, size 6P (runs big but I'm also a little pear shaped). $10

Grey/light grey Poly/rayon pants - Jacqueline Ferrar size 8. Loose bootcut, size zip, no pockets. This blend is amazing, doesn't wrinkle when traveling.

 Apostrophe dark grey poly/rayon spandex pants with front pockets, size 8. Actually never wore these, sadly because I bought them when I was inbetween sizes. :(

Sport collection (Macy's) size 10P. Poly/rayon. These are seriously my favorite pants ever. They never wrinkle, machine wash yet never fade make me look at least 10# thinner. I would marry these pants if I could. (Sorry DH).

Poly/spandex winter white pants size 9/10P. I always thought I couldn't wear white as a size 10 until I bought these babies. No pockets, slightly straight leg and side buttons.

 Light beige poly/rayon/spandex pants - Apostrophe size 8. Another in between sizes purchase. I hate khakis with a passion, so this was my compromise.

Black straight leg, side sip pants - Limited size 8P. Poly/lycra blend.

Gap straight leg size 10 Ankle. Brown/light blue plaid. Wool/poly/spandex with a poly lining and front/back pockets.

Black straight leg, side zip/button pants - Limited size 8P. Poly/lycra blend.

Black straight leg, cuffed poly/spandex Limited size 8P.

Limited olive green bootcut, front zip/button pants size 8P. Poly/lycra blend.

Bootcut To The Max (Nordstroms) pants NWT, size 8. Poly/rayon/spandex.

Lola P. sheer lined midi-length dress - size 10P. Rayon with poly/rayon lining. This dress reminds me of Hawaii, although I've never been. Great sewing job on this (see how the prints line up? Bananas.)

 Stretch lace a-line short dress (comes to my knees) size M. Nylon/spandex with poly lining. This dress is a powerhouse. It doesn't wrinkle and is super flattering. I can't tell you how many compliments I got on the cruise I wore this dress.

Breaking loose 100% poly dress with sheer overcoat, size 9/10. Worn once to an awards dinner. Wish I could make it into a shirt with the tie thing that's trendy now, but my fat a$$ wants a sandwich.

Zum Zum eggplant cocktail dress, size 7/8 (fits small, junior sizing). Rayon/poly. Worn once, dry cleaned but could use a good press. The back is so amazing on this dress, which is why I kept it for probably 10 years (that's when they used to make clothes that last, y'all).

 Black Harve Bernard 100% poly skirt with side tie and zip, size 6P. NWT.

Finity (Macy's) poly/rayon/spandex long black skirt, size 8. This hugs in all the right places, but is professional for work or dates.

 Paul Harris black pencil skirt, wool and poly lining. This is a size 10, but a little short so would fit a petite person to the knee.